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We take care of every detail regarding the organization of your trip. We want you to have a great and pleasant surgical as well as touristic experience in Argentina.

Get a quote1. QUOTATION

The first step to be taken is to require a quotation for your AestheticTrip. All information sent will be confidential and will allow the surgeon to evaluate the procedure.

To make your reservation you can send us a copy of your air ticket issued. There are different options for your payment:

1. To pay the whole package before the trip making a deposit through bank transfer to AestheticTrip bank account.

2. To pay a percentage before the trip, through a deposit in the previous bank account, and to pay the rest on the day of the first consultation.

3. To pay the whole package at the moment of the first consultation.


Afterwards we will send you your trip schedule with all necessary information including the dates of the medical consultations and of the surgery.


AestheticTRIP package

When you arrive at the Airport, we will be waiting for you to take you to your hotel and we will remain in contact with you for anything you may need.

Generally, there are two consultations after the surgery, although there may be more; that is to say, all necessary controls will be performed.

The number of consultations will depend on the kind of surgery performed and of its complexity. During the last consultation, if the surgery required stitches, they will be removed, and the patient will be discharged so that he can return to his country.

Finally, we will take you to the Airport, and you will be able to consult us in case you have any doubt.

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