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Frequently asked questionsFAQ

  • Is it necessary to have an international medical coverage?
    It is a must in case any medical difficulty arises.
  • What transfers are included in Buenos Aires?
    All roundtrips to the Airport and the Clinic, always returning to the Hotel.
  • The hotel is always the 1828 Smart Hotel?
    It is always this hotel, unless they are no rooms available, in which case the patient is sent to another hotel of the same level. However, if reservations are made in advance there will be no problem.
  • Surgery is always performed in Clínica del Golf?
    As long as the surgery is scheduled with enough time, about 20 days in advance, there will be no problem. Otherwise, the surgery will take place in another clinic of the same level.
  • Are we going to contact our surgeons before the surgery?
    Yes, on the day before the surgery, the patients have a previous consultation with their surgeon. Here, the patient will be evaluated and will receive all instructions and explanations regarding the procedure and the package hired.
  • Are medicines included?
    All medicines related with the corresponding surgery are included.
  • Can a surgery or a non-surgical treatment (botolinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, PRP) be added when arriving in Buenos Aires?
    It could be arranged depending on the surgery nature to be added. As far as non-surgical treatments are concerned, there is no problem. This must always be informed to one of the two responsible specialists of AestheticTrip.
  • Can we make a reservation for more days in the same hotel?
    This is possible and at the promotional price (subject to availability), always provided the patient informs AestheticTrip that he/she wants to extend his reservation with enough time.
  • Are consultations and care treatments before and after the surgery included?
    Yes, they are included and all necessary controls and care treatments will be performed.
  • For how long are they included?
    During all your stay up to one month after the surgery.
  • Which surgeries may cause pain?
    The only surgeries that can normally cause pain are augmentative mastoplasty and gluteoplasty, but this pain normally soothes with analgesics. However, many patients do not mention pain.

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