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Having hired our packages means having accepted the sale conditions as stated in the agreement’s terms. To clear up any doubts regarding the sale conditions we explain below all steps to be followed.


AestheticTrip receives the consult form with or without the photos, our team analyzes it and contacts the patient by e-mail, Skype or phone call.

Package quotation2. PACKAGE QUOTATION

AestheticTrip will estimate the trip costs taking into account the services requested.

The quotation includes:

1. Full surgical intervention (fees of the whole surgical team, stay in the Clinic, prosthesis, corresponding surgical garments, medicines, consultations before and after surgery with all necessary care treatments).

2. Roundtrips between the Airport, the Clinic and the Hotel.

3. Stay in the Hotel : 1828 Smart Hotel, in Smart Deluxe Room, with breakfast and all hotel services included (Internet, gym, sauna, swimming pool, etc.). Whenever there are no rooms available, reservation will be made in another hotel of the same category. Seven days stay is recommended but it may be extended at the same promotional fees of AestheticTrip, provided it is requested in advance to any of our team members.

Summing up, the quotation includes all services AestheticTrip considers necessary to make your stay in Buenos Aires as comfortable possible.

The estimate does not include:

1. Pre-surgical tests (blood test, preoperative ECG, echographies, etc.).

2. Travel insurance.

3. Air ticket.

4. Hotel extras (mini-bar, massages, etc.).


To make your reservation you must follow the instructions included in Planning your Trip. Instructions are very simple. The most important thing to manage your package is to send the consultation form.


Whenever a patient wants to change a surgery or add another surgery to the one already hired, he must contact an AestheticTrip responsible who will modify or extend the agreement.

If a patient wants to extend the stay hired, he/she may do so at a promotional fee, provided he/she contacts an AestheticTrip representative.


In Argentina, as in any other place in the world, the patient intending to undergo a surgery must give informed consent for the surgery to be performed. The informed consent specifies the surgery’s risks. The patient must inform about previous or chronic diseases; past treatments or treatments being undertaken at present; any kind of allergy, and if he/she is under any anticoagulant therapy.

AestheticTrip will send the patient a form to collect all these data for the medical history, so that he/she receives all necessary cares when the surgery takes place. All doubts regarding possible complications or other risks, according to the surgery the patient requests, will be cleared up.

If two or more surgeries are requested, the AestheticTrip surgeon will decide if they can be performed simultaneously or if it is necessary to perform them in different interventions, to assure the patient’s safety.


Our compromise is to offer not only the best medical team but also the use of first quality surgical supplies and prosthesis, so as to achieve excellence.

Should a second surgery be needed to correct any detail, the surgeon and the medical team will cover the corresponding costs.

The medical team will not cover the second surgery costs in the following circumstances:

1. When medical recommendations previous to the surgery are not observed, such as smoking, forbidden or contraindicated medicine, etc.

2. When medical post surgery recommendations are not observed, such as indicated rest, use of surgical garment, etc.

3. When keloid scars, fibrosis, capsular contracture of breast implant/s, etc. These pathologies are not considered complications, but undesirable and imponderable surgery effects.

Get a quote7. CANCELLATION

AestheticTrip medical team is in charge of accepting or refusing a surgical procedure depending on the patient’s medical history, so as to avoid any risk during surgery. As we have already said, our main goal is to make the patient’s stay in Buenos Aires as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

If when arriving in Buenos Aires the patient carries any disease not previously mentioned that may entail a risk or is contraindicated for the surgery, AestheticTrip medical team will make the decision of continuing or not with the surgical plan.


AestheticTrip will comply with medical confidentiality as usual with any patient. Confidentiality is very important for us.

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