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Health System Argentine Health System

The Argentine Health System requires a high quality level from all its physicians. To graduate physicians must pass an exam and participate in a two years internship in a public hospital. Afterwards they must continue with their academic work and they have to be granted a certification by a renowned association or medical school.

To check the authorizations of an Argentine Plastic Surgeon, patients must contact the Plastic Surgery Association of Buenos Aires (SCPBA, by its acronym in Spanish).

Climate Climate

Argentina characterizes for its wide climatic variation. Seasons are the opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere.

The best period to visit Buenos Aires is Spring (mid September to mid December).

However, for those visitors who prefer high temperatures, the best period to visit the country is Summer (mid December to mid March), when temperatures range around 80 ºF (20 ºC). Autumn extends from mid March to mid June and Winter from mid July to mid September.

Language Language

Spanish is the official language of the country.

Phone calls Phone calls

The international access code of Argentina is 54. Area code of Buenos Aires is 11.

To call to Argentina from outside of the country you must dial + 54 (country code) + area code (11 Buenos Aires City) + phone number. The area code + the phone number always include 10 digits.

To call to a cellular phone in Argentina from outside of the country you must dial + 54 (country code) + 9 + area code + phone number. If the cellular number begins with 15, these two digits must not be dialed.

Internet Internet

Wi-Fi is available in most bars, restaurants and hotels all over the country.

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